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Dr. Blanco’s Testimonials

“My experience with Dr. Blanco and her staff is a very positive one. I am always greeted with a smile, and the staff is very attentive to serving their patients. Dr. Blanco has treated my pain in my foot for almost a year with cortisone shots. Unfortunately, it didn’t last and surgery for plantar fasciitis was the suggestion. Dr. Blanco explained thoroughly the procedure and we scheduled surgery. The staff at the office and hospital were extraordinary in making me feel comfortable and attended to my needs. The staff called to see how I was after surgery also. My last post-op appointment was yesterday and after 5 weeks, I’m ahead of schedule in my recovery. The total experience working with Dr. Blanco and her staff was an extremely positive one. I highly recommend her to others.”

“Dr. Blanco and staff are wonderful and very caring. My son saw Dr. Blanco for ingrown toe nails, which resulted in Dr. Blanco surgically removing the problem toe nail. She was very thorough and the nurses were very caring too. Dr. Blanco’s office is a lovely environment to be in and her staff went out of their way to see my son when his toe was in need of being seen.”

“Dr. Blanco is great. I wish every doctor was more like Dr. Blanco”

“My experience with Dr. Blanco was fantastic. She explained everything in detail in reference to my bunionectomy. Dr. Blanco was very attentive and efficient. She made me feel very comfortable during the surgery, as well as the recovering process. I am extremely satisfied with the results of my surgery. I have recommended Dr. Blanco to many people because of her nurturing way. Thank you, Dr. Blanco, for making my left foot pretty again!”

“I came in for a bunion correction. Dr. Blanco took her time to listen and answer any questions or concerns I had since my first doctor didn’t do it correctly. She made me feel very comfortable. My surgery went perfectly. The staff was very responsible and prompt with calling to follow up and with paperwork. Dr. Blanco and her staff were great all around. Wonderful bedside manner, very knowledgeable and a great surgeon.”

“My experience has been wonderful! Dr. Blanco has been very professional and attentive. Surgery went well and she was very thorough throughout the process. The office staff is very friendly and helpful! Great with scheduling too!”

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Dr. Morin’s Testimonials

“I just wanted to express our sincere gratitude for taking on Mary’s case. After 8-10 years of that thing growing in spite of seeing various doctors, I was feeling like we were fighting a losing battle. I was actually getting scared envisioning that wart getting bigger and bigger. I know Mary was terribly self-conscious of it and it was affecting her emotionally. Joe spoke so highly of you and after suggesting several times that we should see you, we agreed. I think you were heaven sent!”

“Please tell Dr. Morin that my arch is better since I’ve been working out and running with orthotics. Also, my right foot on which he did bunion and hammertoe surgery on a year ago is fine and working nicely. I just ran a 5K race and having a working foot has made a difference! The toes appear to be stable- essentially as they were after I stopped taping them in June, so I’m very happy! I have recommended him to several people so maybe they will show up.”

“Honestly, it was so pleasant to see you, and I wish to say many thanks for the advice and care you gave Robin. The medical care you have rendered at Hackensack University Medical Center has been a credit to you for your 25+ years of service.”

“I wanted you to know that after my surgery in January and after four months recovering, I was able to wear REAL SHOES and dance at my son’s wedding last weekend! Thank you for your skills, encouragement, and thoughtful caring.”

“The results of your skilled surgery has made a huge difference in my life… and hopefully my golf scores!”

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and I just had to write to tell you what a tremendous difference you have made in our lives by healing John’s feet. Not only is he pain-free and therefore obviously much happier, but we’ve recently become involved with a group of people who are avid hikers and we’re so fortunate to be able to join in. This would never have happened prior to John’s surgery. I just had to let you know how you have so positively impacted John’s life and all of us who care about him. I wish you all good things and every happiness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I would like to thank you very much for the time and patience you gave to me in answering my numerous questions about my forthcoming surgery. You have assured my concerns as well as given me the knowledge to know I am in the very best hands – yours.”

“Just want to write a quite note to thank you for the successful surgery. I came in with an over-corrected toe, lots of pain, and not being able to fit into any of my shoes. You listened to all my concerns, honestly answered all my questions, and I felt safe letting you operate on me. Everything you said was the truth. I’d be wearing sneakers in two weeks, and I did. I would be driving locally in two weeks, and I did that too! Swelling would be minimal, and it was. At the last minute, you even convinced me to do both hammertoes. The pain was rough at times, having both feet operated on, but the outcome is successful and beautifully don’t. You even spared my “rose” tattoo. CAn’t wait to wear my heels – I miss them! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for the fine work and professionalism. I am so glad I put my trust in you.”

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